July 2021

Meditation easy to learn and Easy to Practice
easy to teach

Meditation is the journey into the discovery of one’s Self; it is a journey within. It is a fantastic exploration of our inner world, and like with any exploration meditation, it is a journey of learning, growth, and realization. Learn to tame this fantastic tool that is your mind and bring hramony into your daily life. With this course you will learn tep by step very easy and effective meditation technic that will allow you to sit and enjoy meditation.

Prana and Pranayama

We live as energy, we are always experiencing energy in different form. It can be experience as an emotion, as alertness, as memories, as strenght , as love or it can be experience as heat, thingling or simply as vibration. Prana is the single life force in which combine all the energy and we have the ability to work qith and use it. Learn in this short introduction how it all works...

AUG 2021

Find The way to complete relaxation &
learn to reprogram your Mind

Yoga Nidra is derived from an ancient tantric technique  and has been develop by Swami Satyananda Saraswati form Founder of Bihar Yoga (Satyananda Yoga). In this Course you will learn from each steps of the practice has it has been thought At Styananda Ashram In Bihar. You will understand the principle and develop the skill to do the practice for yourself and also you will learn how to give and develop the practice for your Students

SEPT 2021

Upgrade your teaching skills 

Integrate in your teaching the awareness of the five Koshas develop 

by the TANTRIC TRADITION. You and your students will experience a whole new 

way to practice yoga. You and your students world's will take a whole new dimension and each moment will become a source of Bliss.