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Kids yoga 

The Kids Class has been an ongoing project for Zentra. For us, yoga is a tool to develop our infinite potential and it is in that mindset that we have developed a unique way to bring yoga to kids. Our children, Ishan (now 11 years old) and Camille (now 7 years old),  have been developing this project with us since 2014. 

We promote the development of the physical, mental, intuitive and spiritual aspects of the individual. For this, we use tools like Asanas (postures), breathing techniques, and concentration techniques. We also develop creativity using art, develop memory with different games, develop self confidence by asking kids to teach other kids, and we use different languages (mainly English and Japanese) to stimulate the capacity of assimilation and develop their English skills. Most of our students can count to 10 in Japanese, English, Chinese, Thai and French.


We have lots of fun with the kids. They are inspiring and creative. They learn fast and their interests are limitless.

Children have the capacity for great focus, we just need to create the proper environment and to stimulate their will.

Yusei guiding sun salutations for the class. This practice develops self confidence, concentration and rhythm.


Day of the week



​ Yaizu Kutir


5:00 -6:00 pm


Mario Noriko Ishan Camille
Be Present Be Happy !
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