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Twice a week, Zentra offers morning meditations for free.


Each month the teacher introduces a new technique to help the student tame their mind and experience and enjoy a peaceful sense of being.


Unfortunatly we haven't been given a magic switch to turn off the incessant thought process that keeps us worrying, planning, wondering, etc. Fortunately, yogis have given us many techniques to help us control those thoughts and slowly reduce and even stop those unwanted disturbances.


Meditation has been praised by sages and saints for centuries, but it has also been praised by famous scientists, artists, and athletes.   

When we start to understand the world within, we start to understanding the the depth of our being. Instead of being a stranger to ourselves, we become a friend to our whole being and others

Meditation is scientifically proven to...

  • ...reduce stress.

  • ...manage anxiety.

  • ...promote positive emotional health.

  • ...enhance self awareness.

  • ...lengthen attention spans.

  • ...increase your sense of connectedness and empathy.

  • ...generate kindness.

  • ...fight addiction.

  • ...improve sleep.

  • ...helps control pain.

  • ...decrease blood pressure.

  • ...improve fertility. 

  • ...strengthen immunity. 

  • ...cultivate creativity.

  • ...improve your ability to make decisions.


Day of the week



Yaizu Kutir


5:45-6:45 am


Mario teacher
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